Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our responsibility to make a positive impact on society, which is why we invest much of our time and resources in developing initiatives that help us to make this commitment a reality.

Official sponsor of CD Herogra Albolote Futsal

Sport mobilizes emotions and feelings, but above all, it can influence people attitudes and behavior through the values it conveys: effort, self-improvement, perseverance, equality, respect, fair play, solidarity and team spirit.

This is a cornerstone within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and our collaboration with the indoor football sports club “CD Herogra Albolote Futsal” is a great example of that.

Official sponsor of the swim team C.D. Universidad de Granada

Sport is the best example of what Herogra Group represents for society, which is why we are proud to be part of this initiative, where in addition to promoting a healthy and more balanced life, we support one of the most important institutions in our society, University of Granada.

Official sponsor of the race “La familia contra el Cáncer” (Family against cancer)

(Albolote City Council)

A cause that goes beyond sport and with which we all somehow identify. It is our responsibility to do our share in the research against cancer so that someday we can look to the past with this disease being a distant memory.

Argentata partner through the exhibition Lucio Extra-Tour

Protecting our environment, our land and our city is one of the most beautiful things we can do for society, so we collaborate with the Argentata association to preserve the Lucio olive tree variety, the first local variety of Granada and heritage of our province.

Official sponsor of the foundation “Miguel García Sánchez”

(Grupo La Caña)

Under the umbrella of continuous training and professionalization of the sector, this alliance arises with the main objective of expanding the knowledge of farmers, providing them with more tools to help them improve their crop performance. This is made possible by offering courses, conferences and other agronomic training sessions.

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